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This market is our main market. We have been serving the kids wear export industry since 1984. Currently we are the biggest local supplier in the Egyptian market for export kids wear hangers.

Our main customers are kids wear manufacturing and exporting companies. The main markets for the exporting companies are the USA and Europe. Our customers are directly exporting to Mega brands.

Through years we had gained more experience about the dynamic nature of the export industry, more experience about the requirements and needs of customers.

Also, we enhanced our production techniques, productivity, and quality through years. We set up plans to improve our machinery and tools to cope with the latest technologies in the plastics industry that can serve our customers. As a result of these improvements our productivity can reach up to average 2 million pieces per month normally. This gives us a powerful backbone that supports our customers in quantities and delivery.

For textiles, we produce wide variety of hangers' models as:

  • Set hangers
  • Top hangers
  • Bottom hangers
  • Socks hangers
  • PVC-Bags hangers
  • Different types of sizers
  • Lingerie hangers and accessories